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Mammography AI Can Cost Patients Extra. Is It Worth It?

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Artificial intelligence software to aid radiologists in detecting problems or diagnosing cancer has been moving rapidly into clinical use, where it shows great promise. But it鈥檚 a turnoff for some patients asked to pay out-of-pocket for technology that鈥檚 not quite ready for prime time.

Why Do We Pay For so Much Worthless Health Care?

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Medical advances are expensive. Take Wegovy, the wildly successful obesity drug that we learned last week may also reduce the risk of heart disease. If just 10 percent of Medicare beneficiaries start taking the drug, taxpayers could be on the hook for nearly $27 billion a year.  So how can the country afford the latest […]

Medi-Cal鈥檚 Fragmented System Can Make Moving a Nightmare

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When Medi-Cal beneficiary Lloyd Tennison moved last year from Contra Costa County to San Joaquin County, he was bumped off his managed care plan without notice before his new coverage took effect. His case highlights a chronic issue in California鈥檚 fragmented Medicaid program.