Race and Health

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The South Can Be a Dangerous Place To Be Black and Pregnant

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In much of the developed world, dying while pregnant or delivering a child is practically unknown. In Australia, for example, there were just 3 maternal deaths for every 100,000 live births in 2021. But that鈥檚 not the case in the American South. And especially not for Black women. In South Carolina, Black women were more […]

An NIH Genetics Study Targets a Long-Standing Challenge: Diversity

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In his 2015 State of the Union address, President Barack Obama announced a precision medicine initiative that would later be known as the All of Us program. The research, now well underway at the National Institutes of Health, aims to analyze the DNA of at least 1 million people across the United States to build a diverse health database. The key word there is 鈥渄iverse.鈥 So […]

Toxic Gas Adds to a Long History of Pollution in Southwest Memphis

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People across the nation claim cancer-causing emissions from local sterilizing plants are making them sick. It鈥檚 an example of environmental racism, say residents of one predominantly Black area in southwest Memphis, Tennessee, where life expectancy is much shorter than county and state averages.

Rapid Rise in Syphilis Hits Native Americans Hardest

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With U.S. syphilis rates climbing to the worst level in seven decades, public health experts and the federal Indian Health Service are scrambling to detect and treat the disease in Native American communities, where babies are infected at a higher rate than in any other demographic.

A New Orleans Neighborhood Confronts the Racist Legacy of a Toxic Stretch of Highway

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New federal funds aim to address an array of problems created by highway construction in minority neighborhoods. These are economic, social, and, perhaps above all, public health problems. In New Orleans鈥 Treme neighborhood, competing plans for how to deal with harm done by the Claiborne Expressway reveal the challenge of how to mitigate them meaningfully.