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Overpayment Outrage

Overpayment Outrage

ɫƬHealth News / Cox Media Group Investigation

The Social Security Administration has been overpaying billions of dollars to people, many on disability — then demanding the money back, even if the government made the mistake, an investigation by ɫƬHealth News and Cox Media Group revealed. The reporting has triggered a congressional hearing, additional Senate oversight of the agency, an apology from the head of the SSA to Congress, and an ongoing internal policy review. In early 2024, the head of Social Security announced sweeping policy changes to address concerns about overpayments.

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“Overpayment Outrage” is a collaboration between ɫƬHealth News and Cox Media Group TV stations.

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Justina Worrell’s aunt and caregiver Addie Arnold, who took her in when she was orphaned as a child, said neither of them has $60,175.90 to repay the government. ()

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Social Security clawbacks hit million more people than agency chief told Congress ()

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