Michelle Andrews

Mammography AI Can Cost Patients Extra. Is It Worth It?

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Artificial intelligence software to aid radiologists in detecting problems or diagnosing cancer has been moving rapidly into clinical use, where it shows great promise. But it鈥檚 a turnoff for some patients asked to pay out-of-pocket for technology that鈥檚 not quite ready for prime time.

Trump Misplaced Blame When He Said Drug Shortages Were Biden鈥檚 Fault

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Former President Donald Trump, who鈥檚 running for another term in the White House, recently blamed drug shortages on his successor, President Joe Biden. Our findings don鈥檛 align with Trump鈥檚 claims; by some measures, drug shortages increased more on Trump鈥檚 watch than on Biden鈥檚.

Lawyer Fees Draw Scrutiny as Camp Lejeune Claims Stack Up

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The Camp Lejeune Justice Act, which became law last year, created a pathway for veterans and their families to pursue damage claims against the government for toxic exposure at the military base. Now, advocates and lawmakers worry high lawyer fees could shortchange those injured.