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Back Pain? Bum Knee? Be Prepared to Wait for a Physical Therapist

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Physical therapists left the field en masse during the covid-19 pandemic, even as demand from aging baby boomers skyrocketed. While universities try to boost their training programs to increase the number of graduates, patients seeking relief from often debilitating pain are left to wait.

Health Care Is Front and Center as DeSantis and Newsom Go Mano a Mano

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Florida鈥檚 Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis and California鈥檚 Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom will square off in a first-of-its-kind debate on Nov. 30. 素人色情片Health News compared the political rivals鈥 health care positions, showing how their policies have helped 鈥 or hindered 鈥 the health of their states鈥 residents.

The Unusual Way a Catholic Health System Is Wielding an Abortion Protest Law

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Dignity Health is suing several patients and their advocates for 鈥渃ommercial blockade鈥 for refusing discharge during the covid-19 pandemic. The lawsuits could set precedents for use of the California commercial blockade statute, conceived to constrain abortion protesters, and how hospitals handle discharges.

Street Medicine Practitioners Are Getting Paid. Now They Want Higher Rates.

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Street medicine, the practice of caring for homeless people outdoors, is a burgeoning field 鈥 an unfortunate reality as America confronts a growing homelessness epidemic. But it鈥檚 at least become a little more rewarding after the Biden administration made an under-the-radar yet revolutionary change to Medicaid. Starting this month, doctors, nurses and other providers can bill […]

California Expands Paid Sick Days and Boosts Health Worker Wages

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Gov. Gavin Newsom signed legislation expanding paid sick leave to five days, extending bereavement leave to miscarriages and failed adoptions, and approving an eventual $25-an-hour health care minimum wage. Still, in a possible sign of national ambitions, the Democrat vetoed free condoms in schools and refused to decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms.

Health Care 鈥楪ame-Changer鈥? Feds Boost Care for Homeless Americans

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This month, the federal government started paying for treatments delivered outside hospitals and clinics, expanding funding for 鈥渟treet medicine鈥 teams that treat homeless patients. California led the way on the change, which could help sick and vulnerable patients get healthy, sober, and, in some cases, into housing.