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Bathroom Bills Are Back 鈥 Broader and Stricter 鈥 In Several States

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State lawmakers are resurrecting and expanding efforts to prohibit transgender people from using public restrooms and other spaces that match their gender. Some have sought to ban trans people from 鈥渟ex-designated spaces,鈥 including domestic violence shelters and crisis centers, which experts say could violate anti-discrimination laws and jeopardize federal funding.

The AMA Wants a Medicare Cut Reversed 鈥 And Lawmakers To Stay Out of Care

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Congress is back this week and feverishly working on a bipartisan agreement to fund the government for the rest of the 2024 fiscal year. Ahead of a potential vote, I spoke with Jesse Ehrenfeld, the president of the American Medical Association, the nation鈥檚 largest lobby group for doctors, about his organization鈥檚 priorities in Washington.  Some […]

Desantis, Newsom to Tangle Over Hot-Button Health Issues

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Florida鈥檚 Republican presidential hopeful, Ron DeSantis,and Democratic firebrand Gavin Newsom of California square off today in a contest of governors that can best be described as the debate to determine 驴qui茅n es m谩s macho? 鈥 who is more manly 鈥 about protecting your freedoms.  Both men have led their respective states since 2019, and they鈥檝e […]

Health Care Is Front and Center as DeSantis and Newsom Go Mano a Mano

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Florida鈥檚 Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis and California鈥檚 Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom will square off in a first-of-its-kind debate on Nov. 30. 素人色情片Health News compared the political rivals鈥 health care positions, showing how their policies have helped 鈥 or hindered 鈥 the health of their states鈥 residents.

As Transgender 鈥楻efugees鈥 Flock to New Mexico, Waitlists Grow

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As many states have moved to restrict or ban gender-affirming care for trans people, a few states, including New Mexico, have codified protections. But those laws don鈥檛 always mean accessing care is simple or quick, as a surge in new patients in the state collides with limited doctors and clinics.

Medi-Cal Covers Gender-Transition Treatment, but Getting It Isn鈥檛 Easy

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Pasha Wrangell has faced delays getting gender-affirming care because of red tape and limited providers. Over more than two years, Wrangell has received only about half the total electrolysis sessions recommended. Wrangell鈥檚 insurer through Medi-Cal, California鈥檚 Medicaid program, acknowledges the shortage of practitioners.