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Bathroom Bills Are Back 鈥 Broader and Stricter 鈥 In Several States

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State lawmakers are resurrecting and expanding efforts to prohibit transgender people from using public restrooms and other spaces that match their gender. Some have sought to ban trans people from 鈥渟ex-designated spaces,鈥 including domestic violence shelters and crisis centers, which experts say could violate anti-discrimination laws and jeopardize federal funding.

Toxic Gas That Sterilizes Medical Devices Prompts Safety Rule Update

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The Environmental Protection Agency is tightening regulation of ethylene oxide, a carcinogenic gas used to sterilize medical devices. The agency is trying to balance the interests of the health care industry supply chain with those of communities where the gas creates airborne health risks.

The Supreme Court Confronts a Public Health Challenge: Homeless Encampments

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Homelessness is a soaring public health crisis, with a record 653,000 unhoused people in the United States, according to federal estimates. Tent and recreational vehicle encampments have exploded in recent years, crowding streets and sidewalks from Portland, Ore., to New York. In California, where roughly a third of all the nation鈥檚 homeless people live, doctors […]

California Gov. Newsom Wants Voters to Approve Billions More to Help the Homeless. Will It Help?

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A March 5 ballot initiative seeks $6.4 billion to build thousands of new housing units and provide mental health treatment for homeless people 鈥 on top of the billions already being spent to address the public health crisis. Despite significant support from health and law enforcement officials, many front-line workers are skeptical that more money is the answer.

素人色情片Health News' 'What the Health?': Alabama Court Rules Embryos Are Children. What Now?


In a first-of-its-kind ruling, the Alabama Supreme Court has determined that embryos created for in vitro fertilization procedures are legally people. The decision has touched off massive confusion about potential ramifications, and the University of Alabama-Birmingham has paused its IVF program. Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump is reportedly planning to endorse a national 16-week abortion ban, while his former administration officials are planning further reproductive health restrictions for a possible second term. Lauren Weber of The Washington Post, Rachana Pradhan of 素人色情片Health News, and Victoria Knight of Axios join 素人色情片Health News鈥 Julie Rovner to discuss these issues and more. Plus, for 鈥渆xtra credit,鈥 the panelists suggest health policy stories they read this week that they think you should read, too.

States Get in on the Prior Authorization Crackdown

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Last month, my colleague Lauren Sausser told you about the Biden administration鈥檚 crackdown on insurance plans鈥 prior authorization policies, with new rules for certain health plans participating in federal programs such as Medicare Advantage or the Affordable Care Act marketplace. States are getting in on the action, too. Prior authorization, sometimes called pre-certification, requires patients […]

The No Surprises Act Comes With Some Surprises

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The No Surprises Act, the landmark law intended to protect patients from surprise out-of-network medical bills, has come with, well, some surprises. A little more than two years after it took effect, there鈥檚 good and bad news about how it鈥檚 working. First, it鈥檚 important to note that the law has successfully protected millions of patients […]

Is Housing Health Care? State Medicaid Programs Increasingly Say 鈥榊es鈥

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States are using their Medicaid programs to offer poor and sick people housing services, such as paying six months鈥 rent or helping hunt for apartments. The trend comes in response to a growing homelessness epidemic, but experts caution this may not be the best use of limited health care money.

Advocates Say a Practice Harms Disabled Children, Yet Congressional Action Is Stalled

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In the photos, a 9-year-old boy with autism appears barricaded between cubbies and furniture stacked near the walls of a North Carolina classroom. His mother, Erin McGrail, said her son was physically restrained at least 14 times while in third grade at Morrisville Elementary School. She said she learned details of his seclusion only after […]

A Legal Battle Over Herring Fishing Has Big Implications for Health Care

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What do herring fishing and health policy have in common? Quite a bit, it turns out, owing to a case now before the Supreme Court. If the justices rule as expected, based on this month鈥檚 oral arguments, they could dramatically change the way federal health agencies operate. 鈥淭he upheaval caused 鈥 would be immense,鈥 argues […]