Julie Appleby

Biden鈥檚 Got a New Set of Orders for Obamacare. Is It His Last?

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The Biden administration has issued its latest official wish list for Obamacare insurance plans, potentially one of the last major Affordable Care Act health policy efforts in the president鈥檚 first term. Changes on tap for 2025? For one, the administration wants states that run their own ACA marketplaces to crack down on what鈥檚 called 鈥渘etwork […]

Hospitals and Doctors Are Fed up With Medicare Advantage

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Medicare Advantage plans are pretty popular with both lawmakers and ordinary Americans 鈥 they now enroll about 31 million people, representing just over half of everyone in Medicare, by KFF鈥檚 count. But among doctors and hospitals, it鈥檚 a different story. Across the country, provider grumbling about claim denials and onerous preapproval requirements by Advantage plans […]

Survey: Americans Want Weight Loss Drugs Despite High Cost

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A new poll reveals enthusiasm for a pricey new generation of weight loss drugs, but interest drops if users potentially have to deal with weekly injections, lack of insurance coverage, or a need to continue the medications indefinitely to avoid regaining weight.