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California Gov. Newsom Wants Voters to Approve Billions More to Help the Homeless. Will It Help?

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A March 5 ballot initiative seeks $6.4 billion to build thousands of new housing units and provide mental health treatment for homeless people 鈥 on top of the billions already being spent to address the public health crisis. Despite significant support from health and law enforcement officials, many front-line workers are skeptical that more money is the answer.

Is Housing Health Care? State Medicaid Programs Increasingly Say 鈥榊es鈥

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States are using their Medicaid programs to offer poor and sick people housing services, such as paying six months鈥 rent or helping hunt for apartments. The trend comes in response to a growing homelessness epidemic, but experts caution this may not be the best use of limited health care money.

The Unusual Way a Catholic Health System Is Wielding an Abortion Protest Law

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Dignity Health is suing several patients and their advocates for 鈥渃ommercial blockade鈥 for refusing discharge during the covid-19 pandemic. The lawsuits could set precedents for use of the California commercial blockade statute, conceived to constrain abortion protesters, and how hospitals handle discharges.

California Bans Controversial 鈥楨xcited Delirium鈥 Diagnosis

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California is the first state to ban the controversial diagnosis known as 鈥渆xcited delirium,鈥 which has been used increasingly to justify excessive force by law enforcement. A human rights advocate described the law, signed this week by Gov. Gavin Newsom, as a 鈥渨atershed moment鈥 in criminal justice.

California Confronts Overdose Epidemic Among Former Prison Inmates

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Individuals newly released from prison are 40 times as likely to die of opioid overdoses than members of the general population, researchers say. In response, California corrections officials aim to arm departing inmates with an antidote that can be used to reverse the effects of opioid poisoning.