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Advocates Say a Practice Harms Disabled Children, Yet Congressional Action Is Stalled

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In the photos, a 9-year-old boy with autism appears barricaded between cubbies and furniture stacked near the walls of a North Carolina classroom. His mother, Erin McGrail, said her son was physically restrained at least 14 times while in third grade at Morrisville Elementary School. She said she learned details of his seclusion only after […]

In Los Angeles, Occupational Therapists Tapped to Help Homeless Stay Housed

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Los Angeles County is deploying a small team of occupational therapists to help newly housed individuals adjust to life indoors. Therapists are trained to recognize disabilities and help with basic living skills, such as hygiene and cleanliness, that can help prevent clients from getting evicted or slipping back onto the streets.

Medicaid鈥檚 鈥楿nwinding鈥 Can Be Especially Perilous for Disabled People

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Earlier this year, Beverly Likens thought she鈥檇 done everything she needed to do to keep her Medicaid. Then came an unwelcome surprise: Ahead of surgery to treat chronic bleeding, the hospital said her insurance was inactive, jeopardizing her procedure. Likens had just been diagnosed with severe anemia and given a blood transfusion at the emergency room. 鈥淚 […]