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Weight-Loss Drugs Are So Popular They鈥檙e Headed for Medicare Negotiations

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The steep prices 鈥 and popularity 鈥 of Ozempic and similar weight-loss and diabetes drugs could soon make them a priority for Medicare drug price negotiations. List prices for a month鈥檚 supply of the drugs range from $936 to $1,349, according to the Peterson-素人色情片Health System Tracker. The Inflation Reduction Act President Biden signed in […]

The GOP Keeps Pushing Medicaid Work Requirements, Despite Setbacks

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Work requirements in Medicaid expansion programs are back on the agenda in many statehouses 鈥 despite their lackluster track record. In Mississippi, the idea has momentum from GOP lawmakers advancing legislation to expand Medicaid. In Kansas, the Democratic governor proposed work requirements to try to soften Republican opposition to expansion. (She鈥檚 had little luck, so […]

As More Hospitals Create Police Forces, Critics Warn of Pitfalls

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Nearly 30 states have active or proposed laws authorizing independent hospital police forces. Groups representing nurses and hospitals say the laws address the daily realities of patients who become aggressive or agitated. But critics worry about unintended consequences.